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An integrated building automation system is a control and management system that provides intelligent” control over various electrical systems in a building, including air-conditioning, lighting, elevators, ventilation systems, water supply and discharge systems, and power supply systems that are linked to the automation system.

Technovator produces a variety of building automation controllers, sensors, software for their configuration as well as graphical interface software for building automation. A typical iBAS carries out an optimum on/off system, a scheduling maintenance, alarms in the case of an emergency, asset condition management system, and constant monitoring to correct any anomalies. All the information collected is available in real-time in order to facilitate any decision-making for the management of the building.

IBAS can usually be accessed online to provide for remote control of the facility to facilitate even further the distribution of information. Furthermore, iBAS is built to interact with a protocol that is designed to meet the communication needs of the different devices and facilitate information exchange.

The following graph illustrates certain electrical devices that can be controlled by an integrated building automation system of the Group:

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